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Officer Training   11/01/2019

Club Officer Training

The County Development Committee has held successful and well-attended training nights for Club Officers in all 4 divisions over the past 2 years. This year, to cater for those unable to attend previously and for new club officers, just one night will be held as follows:

Wednesday 6th February at 7.30pm in The Anner Hotel, Thurles 

Format: The programme will commence at 7.30pm with a general gathering of all officers. Following a cup of tea, representatives will then break into different groups to focus on their own roles in the club. The programme will run for approx. 2½ hours.

Who should attend? There will be separate presentations for Club Chairpersons, Secretaries, Treasurers and PRO’s. Officials from Adult Clubs and Juvenile Clubs are invited.

Facilitators: The programme will be conducted by 4 experienced facilitators from outside the county.

Content: The Club Leadership Development Programme is designed to provide GAA Club Officers with the basic knowledge and core leadership skills required to fulfil their roles effectively. It will help them

· Gain a better understanding of what their role involves

· Develop basic leadership, management and communication skills

· Experience increased role satisfaction

· Have an awareness of where to access resources and supports

· Be able to share ideas and solve problems with fellow officers

· Be better prepared for future roles in the Association

Please forward list of names and roles of those who will be attending, by Wednesday 30th January.

Looking forward to your support

Denis Floyd, Secretary Co. Development Committee 087-9355750

PJ Maher, Co. Development Officer 087-2489064

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