Club Childrens Officer

Club Children's Officer

  • To promote awareness of Our Games - our code within the club and particularly among the young players and their parents/guardians and mentors (see Our Games - our code below (Note this file is large (7GB) so please allow sufficient time for the document to download.))
  • To influence policy and practice within the club in order to prioritise young players’ needs
  • To ensure all mentors are aware of practices within the code i.e. Travel Permission Forms, Anti-Bullying Policy etc.
  • To encourage the involvement of parents/guardians in the club activities and co-operate with parents/guardians in ensuring that each player enjoys her involvement in Ladies Gaelic Football
  • To act as an advisory resource to mentors on best practice in Ladies Gaelic Football
  • To liaise with the female mentors assigned to teams, ensuring that she is aware of good practices contained within the Code
  • To ensure that young players know how to make concerns known to appropriate adults or agencies. Information disclosed by a player to the Children’s Officer should be dealt with accordingly (see Dealing with Suspected Abuse)
  • To deal with any complaints or suspected child abuse according to the Code
  • To report regularly to the Club Executive Committee
  • To monitor changes in membership and follow up any unusual dropout, absenteeism or club transfers by young players or mentors
  • To attend seminars in relation to Child Protection


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